Unlock Democracy campaigns for a vibrant and inclusive democracy that puts power in the hands of the people. As a membership organisation we are governed by an elected council. We believe that the UK needs a modern democracy that is fit to deal with the serious challenges facing society today - whether that is domestic issues like the housing crisis, homelessness, stagnant wages, collapsing high streets and  - or existential threats like the climate crisis.

Right now most people don’t think politics works for them. Decisions are too often made for people and communities, not with them. At every election we replace politicians, but the old way of doing things stays the same. To fix politics we need a democratic revolution, and Unlock Democracy’s main focus at the moment on our New Politics Rules campaign is aiming to kick-start that revolution.

The Digital Activism Coordinator will join a small and creative team that thrives on collaborative working, seeking out new ideas, and experimentation. As a team, what brings us together is a genuine commitment to making change. We know we’ve got a big challenge on our hands but we’re all passionate about overhauling British democracy - because the status quo just isn’t working.