Prostate Cancer UK

Who we are

Prostate Cancer UK has a simple ambition - to stop men dying from prostate cancer. Our top priority is funding research to stop prostate cancer killing men. We’re investing millions to find better treatments and better tests that can spot fast-growing cancers early, and could be used in a screening programme to save thousands of lives.

Prostate cancer kills one man every 45 minutes and the number of men with the disease is rising at an alarming rate. While it is already the most common cancer in men, it is predicted to become the most prevalent of all cancers in the UK by 2030.

Prostate Cancer UK fights to help more men survive prostate cancer and enjoy a better quality of life. We have three priorities:

1. Finding answers by funding research

2. Leading change to raise awareness and improve care

3. Supporting men and providing information

We have grown in size, strength and influence but our ambition is the same: to put men at the heart of everything we do. Find out more at