Effervescent: Social Alchemy

What we do and why we do it

Children and young people are amazing. They are born changemakers with an innate sense of fairness and talent for creative thinking.

The children who have had the least ‘normal’ upbringings – the ones who survive adverse childhoods – are the ones who often solve problems and come at challenges in the most unexpected, unusual and unique ways.

It’s these children and young people we work with and these talents we nurture. By applying their perspective and insight to campaign briefs in urgent need of fresh, diverse, representative thinking, we deliver innovative approaches adult-led agencies wouldn’t even consider.

And that’s just the start of it. Through the creative and critical-thinking process, the children and young people we work with are diverted away from harmful behaviours and thinking patterns, discover new passions, abilities and purpose, all reducing their need for health and social care services.

This is the Effervescent effect: extraordinary campaigns from extraordinary young producers that make an extraordinary difference.

We work with socially-motivated brands of all kinds. Organisations, companies and charities that have experienced real change through working with us include…