The Vitiligo Society

The Vitiligo Society is a small, national charity whose main aim is to support people with vitiligo.  Support is given through:

  • a regularly updated website;
  • a regular newsletter which keeps members in touch with the latest research, treatments and other members experiences;
  • holding open days, where people with vitiligo are supported, given the latest information about the condition and have the opportunity to meet other people with vitiligo;  
  • campaigning for a better understanding of vitiligo within the medical profession;
  • raising awareness of vitiligo among the general public.

The Society also supports research initiatives and closely monitors new research.

Our history:

The Vitiligo Society has been the primary source of information and support for people with vitiligo in the UK since 1984. 

Over time, the Society has established a strong reputation for its medical expertise.  Independent information has been produced for people with vitiligo and health professionals, using the advice of medical and scientific experts.  Research projects have been funded, with the aim of establishing the causes of vitiligo and finding safe and effective treatments.