Nyumbani UK and The Hotcourses Foundation

Nyumbani UK and The Hotcourses Foundation funds educational programmes for children affected and infected by HIV/AIDS in Kenya.  We help them surmount the extraordinary challenges in their young lives so they can achieve their full potential and become independent adults.

We work with a globally recognised leader in paediatric HIV treatment and community-based holistic care, transforming the lives of thousands of people living with HIV/AIDS.  The project started as a hospice for three children nearly 30 years ago, and today the organisation serves over 15,000 orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya.  Nyumbani means "home" in Swahili.

We know that medicine alone is not enough to help children overcome the stigma of HIV/AIDS and build their own pathways out of poverty.  That's why we work together to provide food, healthcare, education, counselling, child protection, economic empowerment, practical life skills, and in some cases even a loving home.  Everything that every child deserves.

The specific aim of our fundraising in the UK is to provide outstanding education to children affected by HIV in Kenya, pulling them out of poverty and the worst start in life, to empower and give them a future through education.