Royal Free Charity

We support patients across North London through services delivered at the Royal Free Hospital, Barnet Hospital and Chase Farm Hospital. We also support staff and patients at the satellite units of the Trust, including Tottenham Hale Kidney and Diabetes Centre, Finchley Memorial Hospital, Edgware Community Hospital and Mary Rankin Dialysis Centre.

We are growing quickly with a total income of over £13m in 2017/18.

We were established when the NHS was formed – 5 July 1948 – and 70 years later we are one of the largest NHS charities in the UK. On a daily basis we help patients receive the treatment and care that makes the NHS beloved of us all. The Royal Free Charity was formed in 2000, when the Special Trustees for the Royal Free Hospital merged with the Special Trustees for the Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital. In 2011 the Friends of the Royal Free Hospital merged with the Royal Free Charity to form a single charity supporting all areas of what had until then been the Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust. When the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust expanded in 2015 to include Barnet Hospital and Chase Farm Hospital, the Royal Free Charity became their hospital charity too.

We are governed by an independent Board of Trustees who, along with the staff and the volunteers, are passionate that the Charity and the Royal Free should excel in the provision of patient care, research and education. We are different from many other NHS charities in that we provide services to patients that help them manage their treatment at the Royal Free, rather than provide grants.

In 2016 we became a fully independent charity and ceased to fall under NHS legislation. The Royal Free Charity is authorised to hold charitable funds for the NHS Trust, and these funds may be used to enhance and complement the works of the NHS Trust by funding research, items of medical equipment and amenities for patients and staff. We add to basic NHS provision; we do not substitute for it.